Large Dot Grid Journaling Stencil (015)
Large Dot Grid Journaling Stencil (015)
Large Dot Grid Journaling Stencil (015)

Large Dot Grid Journaling Stencil (015)

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Large Version - Habit Tracker/To-Do List Journal Basics/Fitness Tracker stencil

Perfect for 5mm grids!

If you're aiming for that consistent to-do list Journal look, have no fear! Grab these mini stencils for you to use in your journal. Sized around 3.5x5.5 this can fit in the back of your journal.

Use with pens or fine markers! When transitioning from pen to marker, always make sure to clean your stencil with a baby wipe, alcohol pad or simply use a warm paper towel. This will prevent the ink from pooling between the stencil cut outs.


These stencil designs were designed by me. I was tired of having to use my ruler to draw out these boxes and my water droplets never looked uniform. With these stencils my weekly spreads look so much better! For ideas on how to use these stencils, check out my instagram account @inkbyjeng.


10mil Thin Plastic - This plastic is very flexible and lightweight. The thin material allows you to achieve crisp lines and doesn't work against your pens. The plastic is frosted clear but translucent enough to see through.


- Keep away from children.
- Copyright is not transferable with purchase.

Materials: Clear Craft Plastic 010 in Thickness

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