Calendar Washi Tape - 40mm rolls (W40)
Calendar Washi Tape - 40mm rolls (W40)
Calendar Washi Tape - 40mm rolls (W40)
Calendar Washi Tape - 40mm rolls (W40)

Calendar Washi Tape - 40mm rolls (W40)

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Full set now comes with SMTWTFS or MTWTFSS day headers as a separate 7mm roll of washi!


- 40mm width
- 10m length

Each roll comes with approximately 200 calendars.

Please read full description before purchase.

These washi tape rolls were designed by INKBYJENG. These rolls feature the same calendar that is found in the Calendar Stamp Kit.

The Calendars are spaced to perfectly fit the 5mm grid that is found in Leuchtturm1917, Moleskine, Scribbles that Matter and Lemome journals. However, these would work perfectly for any journal or planner or travelers notebook. Just note that they are slightly transparent and you can see through them.


How to use:
- Select the calendar that you need (pick from 7 different start dates)
- Peel and cut off the calendar
- Use your scissors to trim off any dates you don't need. For example, cut off 31 if your month is only 30 days. Or cut off 29-31 if you're using the calendar for February.


- Future Log
- Monthly Log
- Weekly Log
- Daily Log
- Habit Trackers


Notes about writing on Washi Tape:
- Almost all washi tape features a slick surface. I recommend using permanent markers or pens that can write on photo paper. My favorite so far has been the Bic! Marking Ultra Fine Markers (see last photo). They come an in a wide array of colors and the fine tips work perfectly on the washi tape.
- If you want to highlight a specific row, I advise highlighting directly on your paper PRIOR to sticking the calendar down. Since the calendars are semi-transparent, you can see the highlight through the washi. See third photo.


Production Notes:
- If purchasing more than one roll please note that there may be slight variations between the line thickness in the handwriting. This is normal production quality and does not affect the product. Not all printers print exactly the same and the rolls are printed separately.

Please note that I do not accept refunds. If you have an issue with your order, please email me.

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