Washi Tape 40mm - Habit Tracker Checkboxes (W40 | 100)

Washi Tape 40mm - Habit Tracker Checkboxes (W40 | 100)

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7 Column Washi Tape

Perfect for Habit Trackers or Weekly Task Lists


Writing on washi tape requires pens that can write on slick surfaces. I recommend Bic! Marking Permanent Pens in Ultra Fine.

- 40mm width
- 10m length

Please read full description before purchase.

The washi tape was designed by INKBYJENG and fits a 5mm grid.

Color: Black and white. The white tape is slightly transparent, but not as transparent as the 7 rolls of Calendar Washi tape. You can still see the dots behind the grid.

Note: Always use clean hands when dealing with washi tape that is white. This will avoid getting dirt behind the tape.

Please note that I do not accept refunds

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